Nokia (7 plus) shrunk the gap between midrange and top model phones

The gap between the midrange and flagship phones is slowly shrinking. Nokia, or better say HMD with Nokia’s blessing, narrowed that gap even more. They launched Nokia 8, an affordable flagship phone that really isn’t a flagship in its essence. Don’t get me wrong, Nokia 8 is a great phone, but lacks many things to make it a proper flagship phone.
Next thing Nokia did was the launch of Nokia 7 plus, which was something that many Nokia fans waited for. It has a great design, more than capable hardware, actually, you get more for the price you pay. The biggest difference between Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco is mostly in processor power. But, Snapdragon 660 proved to be rather snappy and capable processor.
TechAltar did a great video about this gap theory and later reviewed the Nokia 7 plus. I share his thoughts about the 7 plus since I was astounded by the phone when I got it for a test.

Check out the video below and do share your views on the development of midrange devices and Nokia 7 plus.