Nokia 8110 4G gets the official YouTube app

The KaiOS-running feature phone Nokia 8110 4G got some software love from Google, which is an investor in KaiOS. Until now, KaiOS had a YouTube “app” preloaded that was basically a shortcut to the website. Now, an update is available in the store that brings an app more optimized for KaiOS.

A Nokia 8110 4G our team has found the update on store and downloaded it, and it’s still not a that great experience, but it’s moving in a positive direction. An official YouTube is of course welcomed, but what we all really want on the Nokia 8110 4G is Whatsapp, and I have no idea why there isn’t one already? After reviewing the Nokia 8110 4G, I concluded that the phone isn’t really for users that want to connect to the Internet. A Nokia 1 for the same price could be more appropriate, but if it had Whatsapp, the phone would be much more attractive.