This is Nokia’s Sleeve, at least the early model of it

When Nokia started the painful process of transformation a few years ago, innovation became an important part of its business. Actually, it was incorporated into Nokia Technologies department which continued the research and development of many Nokia invented or improved technologies. After the acquisition of Alcatel Lucent, Bell labs which is famous for discovering the transistor got the Nokia branding and contributed a lot to the innovation business.

Nokia is proud of its newest department and its CEO Rajeev Suri mentioned that Nokia is currently investing a lot into Health and that Bell Labs is helping. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Suri mentioned a product that can be placed on the hand and track numerous parameters that could help doctors diagnose some serious illnesses. That product was referred to as sleeve and the Wired magazine got a glimpse of it (or early model?). The sleeve was actually conceived as a collaboration between Nokia’s engineers and artists that got together in a program called Experiments in Art and Technology. They wanted to find a new way of human communication which is based on the transfer of feelings through touch. The early model of Sleeve is equipped with haptic motors, electromyography wires, gyroscopes, accelerometers, optical coherence sensors and LED screens, and all of that will help you express your emotions to others. But, some sensors could be used to monitor cholesterol, glucose and lactic acid levels to help doctors do better diagnostics.

Anyway, Sleeve seems like a cool gadget that probably won’t be bundled with Nokia 8 Sirocco or even Nokia 9. But, it is good to know that in near future some basic parameters could be monitored by Nokia’s innovative product.