TA-1099 will be called Nokia X6; Unknown devices certified in Russia

May seems to be the month when we will see new Nokia devices, at least in China. We recently found out a lot of info about an upcoming Nokia device with the notch that goes under the model number TA-1099. This device, according to Chinese Telecommunications agency TENAA, features a 5.8-inch display, dual-camera on the back, the notch, 3, 4 or 6GB of RAM, and a 3000mAh battery. The processor is an octa-core one clocked at 1.8GHz, that fits the description of Snapdragon 636, but that’s just based on rumors. Other specs can be found here.

Nokia TA-1099 also passed Bluetoth SIG certification that revealed the official name of the device. The first Nokia with the notch will really be called Nokia X6. There were earlier indications from Chinese site mydrivers.com and from Evleaks that HMD will call this device Nokia X6, but on all promo material we saw from China there was just “Nokia X” written. This could mean that we will see maybe more devices from the X-series.

Three unknown Nokia devices, under the model numbers TA-1075, TA-1105 and TA-1116 were certified in Russia (via: NPU). Recently we heard rumors that HMD will soon announce the successors to Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, or in other words Nokia 3 (2018) and Nokia 5 (2018). The certification of new Nokia devices comes just in time we heard the rumor about the new 3 and 5, so it’s not crazy to assume that maybe the 3 and 5 got certified in Russia. Also, the same source from Russia says that HMD’s current plan is to keep the notched Nokia X6 exclusive to China, I guess until they see how the market will react.

In the poll we did a week ago many users voted for the option of tolerating the notch if other aspects of the device are worth the price HMD is asking for. Keep in mind that online polls don’t reflect the attitude of the general public, and seeing the reaction from the Chinese market will be interesting. Considering that the iPhone X is well received there and more and more Chinese players are “featuring” the notch, the X6 could have a warm welcome there, especially if priced competitively. We cannot be sure in that, and we will know more about the device(s) after the official announcement, that is scheduled for 16th May.

Another question is when we will see the global announcement of the Nokia 3 (2018) and Nokia 5 (2018), and what device is the third one certified in Russia? Maybe a second (dual SIM) variant of the 3.1 or 5.1? We expect to have answers to some of the questions soon. Maybe even next  week after the event in China.