Is the Nokia X coming or not?

Yesterday we saw some kind of marketing stunt by HMD in China. They’ve organized a 6-day Nokia-centered event (from 27th April to 2nd May) with the devices and stories from Nokia’s history, but they also showcased the newly announced devices there, like the whole smartphone lineup, Nokia 3310 4G and Nokia 8110 4G.

In fact, they even went a step further and displayed an unannounced device there, that we call Nokia X, because of the Nokia X billboards all around it, but some suggest it may be called Nokia X6. The device is still displayed there, visitors can take photos, hold it in their hands, but it is locked, so no one can access it to see specifications and software features. That further indicates that this is an event to build hype in the Chinese, and global market, as well for the upcoming Nokia device with the notch.

Official render from Nokia Mobile weibo

Building hype is OK, but you have to have a really good device that will be worthy of all the hype. I hope, for HMD’s sake, that the notched Nokia we saw on photos yesterday is that device. On their official Weibo account, Nokia Mobile China posted the official render of the unknown Nokia device with the notch, alongside the message that more is coming on 16th May. There is also an invitation circulating around Chinese social media for a Nokia Mobile event on 16th May. The invitation has cutouts for notch (not joking).

Notched invitation

To conclude, it seems that what HMD China did yesterday (and they’ll doing it till May the 2nd) is a promotional activity of the Nokia brand and teasing an unannounced device, that could be favoured in China. I’m glad to see, or better to say, I’m glad there were no HMD logos popping out from the photos we saw yesterday, which means that someone at HMD did get the memo (a suggestion which many readers were making and we agree), that the Nokia brand needs to be displayed more, and HMD less.

The real announcement of the Nokia X (or X6) could reportedly happen on 16th May, as per Nokia Mobile China and the above posted invitation. You can find unofficial pictures of the Nokia X here.