Rumors: Samsung interested in buying Nokia Health even more than Google’s Nest

The strategic review of Nokia Health department should be over in the next few weeks, and then we will know what Nokia really wants to do with it. Maybe it is better to say that we will know to whom it will sell it. Recently we found out that two French and two non-EU companies are interested in buying the Nokia Health department. One of the non-EU companies are Google’s Nest, specialized in producing smart home products. Now, according to French papers Le Monde, Samsung seems to be even more interested in buying Nokia’s Health Division, and its offer could beat Nest’s. It is not likely that anyone will pay for this department more than Nokia did in 2016, but two high bidders will definitely raise the price, even though sale to a local company is preferred.

Anyway, the point of this whole story is that many tech companies in the world, or at least four of them, have a clear vision what to do with Nokia’s Health Department and Nokia doesn’t. To me, Nokia’s brand was more valuable than ever with such a wide portfolio of products targeting different consumers and specific markets. Watches, scales, thermometers, smart cameras, etc. just added the value to Nokia’s brand. Somehow Nokia doesn’t find this clever enough and would rather sell it than just rationalize the production and make better logistics for the production process. Nokia should just be Nokia and make various products with ease and with just one goal, to connect people.