Rumors: Nokia found potential buyers of Nokia Health Department

Nokia’s Health division is currently in a process of strategic review, which actually means that Nokia is not fully satisfied with the results of the unit. The idea of extending the Nokia name to consumer gadgets was great to me, and many others that know Nokia as a hardware manufacturer, but Nokia is not doing that kind of business anymore and it is rather creating profit by launching software solutions. We found out about the dissatisfaction with the Nokia Health Department from Katrin Buvac’s internal memo to employees, and we know what happens when “burning platform memo” got leaked.

Anyway, it seems that Nokia might have found the potential buyers of its Health division, according to the French daily press Les Echos. There are potentially four buyers, two from Europe (France), and two non-European buyers where one is coming from GAFAM, or Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. The price is still unconfirmed, but some sources are saying that Nokia would lose around 30 million Euros since all of the buyers are offering around 140 million euros for the Health Department.

I am sure that Nokia will not rush with the sales of its department, but I am sure that its lack of interest in this department resulted in the lower selling price. However, we got to know that Nokia is still in a phase of restructuring its business and will sell everything that is not essential or doesn’t fit well into its strategy. We recently saw that Nokia is willing to sell former Alcatel Lucent’s Submarine Networks and its own Airborne Broadband System, according to rumors.

I must say that I loved the idea of finally owning a Nokia watch, but maybe HMD Global will create some kind of Nokia watch in its R&D laboratories… Bear in mind that this isn’t the end of health Department, maybe sales won’t even happen, since Nokia is developing software solutions for the future of health and we know that Nokia Technologies is working on sophisticated health gadgets that will be available for professionals, maybe even for us mere mortals one day.