Google’s Nest is interested in buying Nokia Health

Recently we found out, thanks to the French daily Les Echos, that Nokia’s Health Department is targeted by 4 potential buyers. Two of them are based in France and one of the other two is belonging to the companies behind the acronym GAFAM. The Wearable magazine found out that Google’s Nest is really into Nokia’s Health Division. By acquiring it, Google would gain leverage upon Apple that has Home Kit and Amazon with Alexa. Nest already has a variety of products that are quite similar to Nokia’s current portfolio, but Steel HR, Sleep and Thermo, alongside the smart scales would add up nicely. We should not forget that Nokia Health has its own very good Home system, simply called Nokia Home. It is not like Alexa, but with Google’s help, it could be there in a matter of months.

Anyway, France isn’t too happy with the latest bidder and it would prefer if French companies would buy former Withings so it could remain in French arms. Actually, the French government is proposing Google to help those domestic bidders to buy Withings for them according to Wearables magazine. Also, they launched an initiative to boost its AI efforts, and they would like foreign company to do the big data calculations for them.

Nokia is being clever as always and not saying anything other than Nokia Health Division is under strategic review and that they won’t comment on that matter. Google remained silent also. I know that the chances for Health to stay inside Nokia are slim, but once again, I say that Steel HR and other consumer product could only benefit the brand, but only if governed in a smart way, and Nokia wasn’t doing that.

C’mon HMD Global, it’s just 140 million Euros :). IT would be funny if our April’s Fool joke could become a reality. Well, it was a joke, it won’t :).