Nokia 6.1 available in the United States

The new Nokia 6 officially went on sale in the United States via Amazon and The model number TA-1045 supports GSM carriers and is priced at 269 dollars (225 euros). At the moment, the device is out of stock at Amazon, but it’s available at BH.

Nokia 6.1 comes as a successor to the Nokia 6 launched in early 2017, and is upgraded in almost every aspect from its predecessor. The announced global price for the Nokia 6.1 is €279, without taxes, and you can check how it performed in our review here.

I saw many comments from US folks that they would really like to see the Nokia 7 plus there, even more than the 6.1. Offering a CDMA and GSM version(s) of the 7 Plus might be a good idea for HMD, and will surely put a smile on the faces of lots of US customers.

via: NPU