17 million Nokia devices shipped in Q3 2019

Counterpoint Research released a great infographic about the smartphone and feature phone markets by regions. While in smartphones, Nokia Mobile was no where to find in top 5, not even in Europe where Canalys said they are No. 5, the presence in the top continued in the feature phone segment, with Nokia brand capturing 15% of the market, and being No.1 in Europe and Asia excluding India.

Thanks to the info released by Counterpoint, we are now able to calculate the total shipments of Nokia phones during Q3 2019. Counterpoint re-confirmed to us that the Nokia brand grabbed 1% market share in smartphones, which is translated to around 3.8 million units. The 15% market share in feature phones can be calculated to 13.2 million shipped feature phones, considering the total feature phone shipment in Q3 2019 was 88 million units globally.

This makes a total shipment of 17 million Nokia phones in Q3 2019, which is a decrease of 2.4 million feature phones and 1 million smartphones compared to Q3 2018. To post the same total shipments as they did in 2018, Nokia Mobile needs to ship around 26 million feature phones and around 6 million smartphones in Q4 2019.

Counterpoint Research