Nokia: 5G will be great for gaming

A lot of interesting 5G news from Nokia these days. After conducting a lab test of 5G with Qualcomm using commercial hardware, Nokia and operator Telia tested the 5G for gaming. In Nokia’s 5G Lab in Espoo, Finland, Nokia and Telia invited Joona “natu” Leppänen, a Finnish eSports veteran.

eSport is, to put it simply, online multiplayer competitive game, and one of the most popular eSport games is Overwatch, on which Nokia’s 5G connection was tested.


Leppänen describes the experience as smooth, adding that there is no different from the classical wire connection. You can play like a Pro on a mobile connection. Compared to 4G, 5G is expected to bring 20 times the throughput and up to hundred times the capacity of the network. This will not only allow better online games via mobile devices, but also open up a new category of entertainment based in VR.

I already use a mobile connection as my standard connection (flat, of course). In fact, it’s faster than the wire connection I had and with less problems, not to mention the mobility. You just put your SIM card into a router, plug in the router wherever you want, and you are ready to go. So, I really can imagine 5G connections becoming popular with “Pro” users in the future. A commercially available Nokia router like the one below would attract a lot of 5G users 🙂

Nokia Home WiFi

Source: Telia