#Nokia Home WiFI – Nokia’s solution for bad in-home WiFi

Earlier this month (Oct 9), Nokia has launched the Nokia Home WiFi router which should increase your home network. The Nokia branded WiFi router is using Broadcom’s BCM4363 WLAN chipset with Air-IQ technology to get the best WiFi performance for the user. Since there are many sources that can interfere with the home WiFi network, Nokia Home WiFi router will analyse every one of them and provide you with the best signal.

The router has minimalistic, but appealing Scandinavian design, so it can be shown to everyone in the room, not hidden somewhere as most routers are. It will be available in Q2 2018 in white colour, but the price is still not known, like the distribution network. I believe that internet providers could be offering Nokia Home WiFi on contract since it is rather unusual to see Nokia router being sold regularly in stores like smartphones are.

I like to see some hardware from the Networks division. It would be nice if Nokia would push this product as it promotes Health products. I believe many of us could find a place at home for a good-looking Nokia router to replace those not so good looking (and performing) routers 😊.

Check out more at the Nokia.com.

  • PNHD

    Beautiful design. I hope in the future Hmd and Nokia will align their design languages and have a common identity

    • I think they are working on it. Check out 7 and future 9, they are shiny like this router.

      • Romandi

        Shiny lol

  • John Jennings

    Do we know if this creates a mesh network like Google Wifi? We’ve just invested pretty heavily in Google Wifi, unfortunately, so this has come out too late for us, but if it is similar to Google’s product, it has a lot of potential.

    • I believe it is. And again yes, Nokia came a bit late here, but maybe it will be the best out there

  • Romandi

    Id go for it I’m so sick of those Huawei wifis carriers bundle this would be nice for a change