Nokia 8 survives a 100m high fall

Remember the time when phones were made in a way that they break into a few pieces when falling down, and then you could just put the pieces back together, like a little Lego, and everything works perfectly? Well, those days of phone design are behind us, at least in the area of smartphones.

HMD is still using this principle with the new Nokia 3310, though. But the disappearance of this old principle from smartphones doesn’t mean that all smartphones nowadays break easily.

As a real Nokia device, Nokia 8 was also universally praised for her build quality. The series 6000 aluminum, with a metal plate (that holds the graphite shield) inside, plastic antenna covers wrapped around the top edges of the device, and the amazing way engineers managed to narrow the device on sides to just 4.3mm. Alongside looking and feeling impressive, Nokia 8 was also capable of surviving things other devices cannot, at least not most of them.

A Nokia 8 user called Vadim dropped his Nokia 8 from the balcony of a 100m high building. Not deliberately, though.  The phone slipped out of his hand, and that should remind us all that a good cover case would be welcomed if you feel the device is slippery. The fall wasn’t a direct fall from 100m, but the phone was gliding down on the balconies until it reached the ground.

Vadim shared pictures of the device and the backside looks OK, while on the front “just” the display was broken. I said “just”, because it could’ve been a lot worse than that. The top corner is damaged too, but the device was able to take phone calls, so neither the antenna(s), nor the microphone, nor the motherboard were damaged. The antenna plastic wrapping around the corners saved the day here. The front is so damaged you can see the internals, but the phone works. Even the back Nokia logo, that fell off of my 6 and 5, still holds there.

Phones get dropped every day by (probably) millions of people, but it is nice to hear when a phone (partially) survives some of the extreme falls. The Nokia 8 isn’t the first phone to survive a fall (maybe it’s the 1st from that specific building in Malaysia), but the story tells us that the 8 was really built to last.

It’s also good to mention that sometimes a gentle 1 meter drop can break the display, so it’s more a manner of luck when we are talking about displays surviving falls. Being able to keep the internals safe while falling from extreme heights, on the other hand, is a separate story.

What do you think? Do you have any similar story to Vadim’s? Tell us down below. 🙂

via: VTechgraphy