Nokia 6.1 just $129 in the USA and INR9,999 in India

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 is more than an year old device, but still posses some attributes that make the device unique and appealing on today’s market. One, and probably the biggest unique selling feature of the 6.1 is the aluminum unibody housing. It’s probably one of the rare devices still on sale (for short time) with a non-glass back.

Recently the device received price cuts in India and the United States of America, making it even more appealing. While the competition in India is stiff and new phones with Snapdragon 660 exist for around INR10,000 (128 euros), Nokia 6.1 with its aluminum unibody and classical look for INR9,999 (was INR11,999) could be a good purchase if you’re into aluminum unibodies. The blue version with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage is INR11,999 (was INR13,999). You can check it on Nokia India store here.

In the United States, Walmart is offering the Nokia 6.1 for 130 dollars (116 euros) if you “Activate today”, meaning using the phone with AT&T’s network. The device with the option of “activate later” costs 180 dollars (161 euro), still not bad. The 6.1 is also available via Amazon for 230 dollars (206 euros), while B&H discontinued the sales of Nokia 6.1 on their online store.

As an owner of Nokia 6.1, I’m really satisfied with it and it serves my needs well. If there are other Nokia 6.1 owners reading this, do leave your thought about the device in the comments. It might help those wondering to buy one and I’m genuinely interested to see if our experiences with the phone are similar. 🙂

Thanks Indranil for the tip. 🙂