A global version of the Nokia 6 (2018) will have 3 GB of RAM. Nokia 8 Sirocco will come with Snapdragon 835

HMD started the Nokia adventure by the announcement of Nokia 6. This model was later presented to the world at MWC2017 but with some differences. While the Chinese version had 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, global version was shipped with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. It looks like this year’s global variant of the Nokia 6 (2018) will have the same amount of RAM as the last year version thanks to the info that came from dear friends at Mobielkopen.

This latest info was confirmed by recent Geekbench results where all the specs of global Nokia 6 (2018) were revealed. According to the same Geekbench listing, this global Nokia 6 2018 is called Nokia 6.1. Well, this is rather strange since in China is called just Nokia 6 (2nd generation). This could just be an internal naming scheme of HMD Global which makes more sense, since according to it, 6.1 is the global version.

Maybe 6.2 could be a global version with 4GB or RAM? Please HMD, don’t repeat the Arte Black thing once again…


Now, another new Nokia phone that we are expecting to see at MWC 2018 is Nokia 8 Sirocco. This Sirocco name could mean a lot of things. It was usually in some way special edition of Nokia 8800, and we all hope it will be in many ways special edition of not so old Nokia 8 model.

One thing we weren’t completely sure about future Nokia 8 Sirocco was the model of processor being used. Geekbench listing of Sirocco confirmed that this improved version of the 8 will indeed come with Snapdragon 835, not with the latest 845. Actually, this is good news since maybe 845 will be used for Nokia 9 and later on for Nokia 10, but it could also mean that Sirocco could be the only representative of high end Nokia phone for this MWC, which I kindly refuse to believe in. This info also goes with the theory that the device we know as Nokia 9 will be called Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Snapdragon 835 is pretty much competent processor, as you can see from Geekbench results, and I believe it will be sufficient for Nokia 8 Sirocco.

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