SAR values of Nokia devices are among the lowest in the smartphone business

Everything on this planet emits some kind of radiation, but we all agree that (EM) radiation caused by mobile phones is somehow specific. We are constantly around our beloved gadgets, and since they are emitting electromagnetic radiation, it is good to know how much of it there is and how much of it can our body absorb.

You probably heard of SAR unit or Specific Absorption Rate that refers to how much of EM radiation emitted from mobile phones is our body absorbing. The SAR values are determined by those FCC tests in specific accredited laboratories and then you find it in User Manuals or GSMArena device pages ?.

Nokia has always taken special care about EM emissions and its devices had SAR values below the permitted level. Nokia explained it nicely here and you can check there the SAR limits for specific market. It seems that HMD and Nokia have made an extra effort to lower the head SAR values even more than before. SAR values for the ear are among the lowest for the new Nokia phones. For example, Nokia 6 TA-1000 has 0.21 SAR value at the ear, while iPhone X has 4.3-time bigger SAR value at the ear (0.92).

Not all the Nokia phones have low values like Nokia 6. Some feature phones SAR value is much higher, but those values are well below the limit of tolerance.

Here are the SAR values for latest Nokia phones made by HMD Global. You can find the SAR values of various devices by following this link.

If you doubted HMD’s Nokia phones, this shows that those guys are doing a really excellent job and that Nokia is doing good quality control there. Well done HMD.

Source / SAR Values