Nokia 7 plus surfaced on Geekbench?!

Sniffing around on one of the versions of HMD’s Nokia Camera application, we discovered references to Nokia 7 plus, among other unannounced devices, inside the app’s APK file. That was the first time we heard something about a “7 plus”, but considering the significant update HMD made to Nokia 6 (2018), it made sense to offer an improved Nokia 7 to the global market to better differentiate between the two devices in similar price categories.

A little less from a month before MWC2018, where HMD is expected to announce new Nokia devices, a Nokia 7 plus Geekbench entry appeared. The entry shows a device running Snapdragon 660, compared to Snapdragon 630 on Nokia 7 (and new Nokia 6 2018), Android 8.0 and 4GB of RAM.

Logos of different Nokia devices found inside the camera apk (excluding the blue Nokia logo)

If you ask yourself what’s the difference between Snapdragon 630 and 660 and will it ultimately matter to the end users, the answer is that Snapdragon 660 offers a significant update to those that want more performance in basically every area of the device. Both SoC’s are made in the 14nm process. The 660 features “faster” CPU cores, support for more powerful camera options (one of  which is support for dual 16MP camera compared to dual 13MP on Snapdragon 630), greater WiFi speeds and a more powerful GPU, that is an important part for those that play games on mobile devices. You can learn more about Snadragon 630 here and Snapdragon 660 here, at official Qualcomm pages.

Another thing I’m intrigued by is will we see the 7 plus at MWC2018 next month? We already suspect HMD will announce the global Nokia 6 (2018), alongside with Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 in terms of smartphones. If we add Nokia 7 plus to the bunch, alongside to 4G feature phones (3310 4G and TA-1047), and even maybe an update to Nokia 5 and 3, there could be a lot of Nokia news.

I personally don’t think HMD will announce so many devices, but it is possible. If they can bring all the devices in a decent time frame to market, with enough supplies, why not?

Thanks everyone for the tip. 🙂

Source: Geekbench

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