4G Nokia feature phone passed Bluetooth SIG (TA-1047/1060/1056/1079/1066)

We recently heard about a 4G Nokia phone going through the FCC certification process in various variants. The 2 variants spotted were TA-1047 and TA-1060, and the FCC doesn’t classify this phone as a smartphone, but as a “mobile phone”. Not being a smartphone could suggest that HMD Global is preparing a 4G feature phone for release soon. The FCC also revealed dimensions of the alleged feature phone (133mm x 68mm), that put the device between current Nokia feature phones and smartphones in size.

Today, Bluetooth SIG certified a new Nokia phone under the model numbers TA-1047, TA-1060, TA-1056, TA-1079 and TA-1066. The device in question is likely the already mentioned 4G feature phone, hence the same model variants were tested by BT SIG, as well as FCC. The 5 different variants suggest that the phone will most likely be available in India (one variant – Dual SIM probably), and the rest of the world will have a Single SIM and Dual SIM variant for Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia (2 variants in total), and the same for Americas (2 variants in total). Also, because of the different way of writing the software version number, this device runs on an OS that isn’t Android, Series 30+ or Feature OS.

It’s interesting that Bluetooth SIG didn’t display the phone’s name, so we still don’t know how will HMD call this smart/feature phone hybrid with 4G. Some think that the device could feature a QWERTY keyboard, and I personally like that idea. Would be crazy if this 4G device turns out to be an E72-like remake, but with a feature phone OS that supports 4G. What do you think about that idea? Tell us down below. 🙂

Thanks Michael for the tip. 🙂

source: BT SIG

via: mobielkopen.net