HMD Global sold 1.2 million of Nokia devices online in 2017 on Chinese market

Member of Chinese Baidu Nokibar forum, previously known for numerous Nokia related quality leaks, has shared an info about the sales numbers of Nokia phones in Chinese market. The info came from a Chinese market research agency and it says that HMD sold 1.208 million Nokia branded devices online in 2017. Only 36.2% of them, or 438K, were smartphones, while the rest were feature phones. Nokia 6, which was the first phone that came to China, was sold in 403K pieces, while the Nokia 7 was sold in 35K pieces. Bare in mind that this agency’s research didn’t cover offline sales numbers, meaning the devices sold physically in stores.
A relatively small number of Nokia 7 phones sold online can be attributed to relatively short sales period of just two months. Sales numbers can be further improved in the next few weeks, since Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

I kind of expected to see a bit larger number of Nokia 6’s sold, but this is a solid starting result if you imagine the competitiveness of the Chinese market and that HMD was relatively new player on it.

Now that the new Nokia 6 is available, and Nokia 7 perceived as a great phone, sales numbers could be even higher this year. It is interesting to see that many people still buy feature phones, which will definitely help HMD to be financially stable.


Source Baidu