Nokia Health just unveiled Nokia Sleep, new sleep monitoring pad

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Let’s go back to the topic. Nokia, or its health department just presented Nokia Sleep, or the sleep monitoring pad that can connect to your home controls. Nokia Sleep offers sleep cycles analysis (light, deep and REM), heart rate and can even detect if you or your beloved person next to you is snoring.


Check out the promo video about the sleep


Nokia Sleep is easy to setup. You just need to put it under your mattress and connect it to power. Device is connected with your home network over WiFi and can control various other devices like home temperature controller or lights. After you wake up, all the sleep data will be on your (Nokia) mobile device for you to analyse it over Health mate app.

Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Nokia Sleep fit seamlessly into your life. Plus with automatic sync via Wi-Fi, there’s nothing you need to do but sleep and then wake to find all data in the app.


All the details about the device, or pricing, are still not available but check out official Nokia pages to find out more.