Merry Christmas from Nokiamob team!

Christmas is a special part of the year where people usually cherish some values that are put aside most of the year. Well, times are fast, and we are usually not paying attention to little details that are making the world better. We should discuss about stuff without anger, share happy thoughts, smile a lot, laugh even more. For example, Nokia 9 probably won’t come with 3.5 mm jack… Don’t be sad, smile. Nokia 9 could have 5 MP front camera… Oh man, now I want to cry…

My point is, the world isn’t always perfect, and we should mind those imperfections, but rather be with our loved ones, with people we care about, try to reason everything and make our surroundings better. HMD even said, disconnect a bit, use your smartphone as a tool not as your vital organ.


Nokia 3310 (2017) might not have all the things of today’s smartphones, but has all we need to hear our loved ones, or people we care. It still can send SMS (if you remember what that is).


Anyway, on behalf of the whole Nokiamob team, I wish you very best for Christmas and to everyone not celebrating this holiday as well. 🙂



Nokiamob team