Juan Carlos Bagnell opens up to Nokia Chronicles

Nokia devices used to be some gadget and that is why SomeGadgetGuy came to the Nokia Chronicles podcast. Or is it a show now? SomeGadgetGuy is also known by his real name, Juan Carlos Bagnell, which has a great YouTube channel where he talks about gadgets and photography.

Adrian and Justin took Juan on a trip down the memory lane, and even he is American, he shared his memories of early Symbian Nokia devices and later Lumia devices which were more visible to the folks in the US and the rest of the continent.

Juan revealed that Nokia has a massive influence on his tech review job with the relationship of the Nokia folks who were kind, truthful and helpful. Hosts gave an HMD question early in the show and Juan was really diplomatically trying to hide his disappointment with where the whole Nokia devices are heading. He loved Nokia 9 Pureview and the story that HMD was starting, but he feels that the company abandoned coldly the great project.

It is great to hear that Juan has all of his Nokia phones and that one of the best were Nokia 1520 and 1020, although I don’t agree with his love for Lumia 930 which was disappointing for me personally.

The episode is 1 hour and 39 minutes long which is ideal to digest your Saturday launch. Charge your earbuds, find a cosy place and enjoy this episode of Nokia Chronicles.


So, Marton Barcza, Michael Fisher, Juan Carlos Bagnell, who is next, Stephen Elop?