Nokia 3310 was released today 19 years ago

On this very date, but 19 years ago, it was Friday, and Nokia introduced a legendary Nokia 3310. The announcement of this kind of phone today might be considered pollution with plastic since Nokia 105 offers more, but back than it was a game-changer. Back then I had a Nokia 3210 which was the first phone without the external antenna, but it was a big phone. Nokia 3310 brought the smaller body dimensions to the masses since Nokia 8210 was something of a flagship phone in the days. Nokia 3310 had a better version of a Snake, and boy that Space Impact was one of the best mobile phone games ever. Battery life was great for the time, but those Ni-Mh batteries wouldn’t last long. Anyway, you could buy expensive but lighter Li-Ion battery and your 3310 would loose some weight.

Anyway, if you would drop your 3310, it would break to three pieces that you would pick up, reassemble the device and go on like nothing happened. This is why it became the inspiration for some funny memes. Also, you could order yourself another case and change the looks of a device for a small amount of money.

With the resurrection of the Nokia brand, Nokia 3310 was resurrected once again with similarly looking design but with the same function in mind, just to be a long lasting and trusty companion.