First look: HMD’s new Nokia Camera UI (v8.02) *UPDATED*

Believe it or not, with the Oreo Beta update for Nokia 5, that can be downloaded starting today via Nokia Beta Labs program, a silent camera update was triggered that changed the built-in camera application (or maybe the update was done together with Oreo, bypassing Google Play?). I noticed the changes merely minutes before writing this article, even though I update our Nokia 5 to Oreo Beta about 6 hours ago.

First of, the camera app carries the build number 8.0200.20 and the screenshots down below are taken on a Nokia 5 running Android Oreo Beta build downloaded via Nokia Beta Labs. First impressions are positive and the UI seems to be just like the one on the Nokia 7 announced in China months ago. It is better than the previous version, because manual settings are directly in the UI and it looks clearer overall. Unfortunately, manual settings are still limited and this is not the update that should bring a more powerful, Lumia-like camera UI. Check the screenshots down below.

The camera app in the version 8.0200.20 is an improvement compared to the old app, but surely HMD can make it even better. The screenshots are taken on a Nokia 5, so options like “Bothie” and Dual-sight livestream cannot be find in the UI. We know that HMD owns the patent for the old Nokia Camera UI find on Nokia Lumia devices, and it would be a shame if some elements don’t find their way to new Android devices.

If you want to try out the Nokia camera app 8.0200.20 on your device, you can download the APK by clicking here. We tried it on other HMD Nokia smartphones and it didn’t work, but some Android devices, like OnePlus5T, installed the app without problems and even the bothie/dual sight options appeared. Check some screenshots from OnePlus5T (provided by down below.

All in all, I can say that this UI is definitely better than the previous, but we are still waiting for the iconic camera wheel manual (pro) mode. I like the swipe navigations on the new camera and hopefully this improved UI will soon be available to other Nokia devices, to make the time waiting for “the update” more durable.

Update: We managed to install the app on the global Nokai 6 variant and the “PIP” and bothie options are onboard, but they crash when selected.


Update 2: It also crashes when trying to check the photo taken. I advise not to install it on Nokia 6.

Update 3: We found interesting things inside the camera apk like telephoto camera support, wideangle mode and more manual options. Check it down below.

New Nokia Camera app reveals telephoto, wideangle camera support and more manual options