Single SIM variants of the Nokia Wasp, TA-1179 and TA-1191 passed the FCC tests

The FCC tested Nokia Wasp again, but this time the Single SIM variants. Two new Nokia models, Nokia TA-1191 and TA-1179 have passed the FCC certification process. Nothing new was revealed except that TA-1179 is a single SIM version of Nokia TA-1184, now also known as the Wasp, while the TA-1191 is the single SIM variant of TA-1188 whose reference model in the FCC tests was Nokia Wasp. While TA-1184 and TA-1188 might seem to be closely related, the measurements of TA-1188 differed slightly from the TA-1188 or the Nokia Wasp. This could suggest that Nokia Wasp will have a variant designed for a specific market.

Anyway, this is all I could dig out about this model(s).
Model: Wasp – Dual SIM TA-1184, Single SIM TA-1179;
– Dual SIM TA-1188, Single SIM TA-1191
Dimensions: 145.96×70.56
Connectivity: LTE, Dual SIM, WiFi, BT, FM Radio, GNSS
Memory: 3/32GB Kingston
Battery: Removable
Software: 00ww_0_095

From previous FCC reports, you could easily spot that this device is smaller than Nokia 5.1 and 6.1 and its hardware specification groups it with other affordable smartphones that HMD announced til now. The phone has passed the EEC certification and now FCC as dual SIM variant before and now as a single SIM variant. This means that it is ready to be shown to the world.

FCC TA-1191 / TA-1179