Nokia 2nd biggest phone vendor in Vietnam

Counterpoint Research released statistics about the mobile phone market in Vietnam. Vietnam is an interesting location, because Nokia had a big phone factory there. The factory was sold to Microsoft and bought back by HMD and Foxconn, and is now under Foxconn’s operations manufacturing Nokia feature phones.

Counterpoints data shows that HMD took the 4th spot in the smartphone market in Vietnam, capturing 5% of the smartphone market. The market is dominated by Samsung (43%) and OPPO (22%). Vivo is in the third place with 5% marketshare, just like HMD Global. When you throw in feature phone, HMD becomes the 2nd player in the mobile phone market in Vietnam, all during the third quarter of 2017.

Previously, Counterpoint shared information that during Q3 2017, HMD was the 8th biggest phone vendor (feature phone + smartphone) in the world. They also shared data for separate markets, like Germany, Russia, India, UK and others.

via: NPU

source: Counterpoint Research