Pixel-exclusive call screen feature might come to Nokia Android One smartphones

Reddit user hkyq, while looking through the “Phone” app files of his Pixel 1, found interesting code related to Nokia Android One devices, reports XDA-developers.com.

Reference to Google’s Pixel-exclusive Call Screen feature has been spotted suggesting that the Pixel feature might come to Nokia Android One phones as well. Call Screen is currently available in the US and Canada (as Beta), and it allows Pixel users to order Google Assistant to pick up the phone call and provide a transcript after that, which is really useful in combating spam calls.


The code found in app’s files includes the string “CallScreenEnglishUsForNokia” and it is set to false. Considering it says “English US”, the Call Screen feature might initially be available only on Nokia (and Motorola) Android One devices selling in the United States of Americe.

Keep in mind, this feature hasn’t been officially announced for devices other than Google’s own Pixel phones. This is an indication that the feature might arrive on Nokia phones, not a guarantee that it will.

Thanks MichealsoftSirFaceFone for the tip. 🙂