Quick design comparison between Nokia 2720 Flip and Nokia 2760

Nokia 2720 reminded me to check my small collection of old Nokia phones. Good that I did that since I found a true gem, Nokia 2760. This foldable feature phone was released in 2007, two years before the original Nokia 2720. Back then it was a great phone since it came with the second screen for glancing notifications quickly and was rather small and light. I wish I had the old Nokia 2720, but we can see the origins of the 27XX family. The first Nokia clam-shell phones showed up back in 2003 when the space looking Nokia 7200 was announced. The look of 2760 was more oriented to the 6XXX lineup of phones that started showing up a few years later, and 2760 was the affordable version of that lineup. In 2009, the much improved Nokia 2720 came, and now we have its renewed version.

Nokia 2720 Flip is a true giant when compared to Nokia 2760. The Flip is even longer than the Nokia 7 Plus, but for today’s standard that is quite normal. The content we see on the screens of our phones today is more graphical than textual, so the larger body is needed to fit in the larger screen.
I must admit that I like the rounded and simplified design of 2720 Flip, but the way Nokia used three colors of the plastic back then, is a boldness that HMD lacks today. Nokia 2760 still looks modern because of that.

What design you prefer, the new Nokia 2720 Flip or the old one of the Nokia 2760?