Unboxing of the Nokia 3310 (2017)

The biggest question today that worries so many is how you trim off years that are piling up. Billions of euros, dollars, yens, rubles are spent to find the answer and we are not close to it. Well, i can tell you how to trim off 17 years for €49. You buy a Nokia 3310 :). When I took the box, i transferred my mind back in 2000 and was 19 once again. I remember as it was yesterday when I saw the 3310 that looked so cool and advanced with new ringtones and Space Impact game while my sturdy and trusty 3210 was not any more.


Nokia 3310 was the last one of four phones that was presented back at the MWC2017, and the first one to be (almost) globally available. HMD sent us a classic, memory awakening, blue model for the test since the device is soon going to be available in stores all around Croatia.

Since this post is all about the unboxing, lets then do the unboxing. Since this device falls into the category of small and simple ones, the packaging is the same. It’s made put of one piece of cardboard and cleverly put together. It greets you with 3310 smiling on front with young looking graphics in the background. I would really like that HMD would place the photo of the device you get on front, otherwise you can’t tell if Nokia 3310 is blue, red, yellow or grey.  Ok, luckily there is a info sticker on the side that tells you that info. The rest of the general information of the device is printed on the back which is usual to see and looks similar like on old Nokia boxes. So, you know that this Nokia 3310 comes with 2MP LED backed camera, has long battery time, has the Snake preloaded, comes with Opera store which is just for games, has FM Radio, supports micro SD card up to 32 GB and that device uses micro SIM card. Overall, the packaging radiates with happiness and youth what fits the Nokia 3310.


After you cut the Nokia sticker and open the lid, you get to be greeted with 3310. Below you can find the charger with undetachable micro USB cable that we have seen in some low-end Lumia phones, manual which is translated to the language of designated market, battery of 1200 mAh and simple headphones (WH-108) that you can use as headset.

The device itself looks great. It is designed beautifully with the perfectly incorporated body lines of the original device. It is a relief for a hand to use such a compact and light device after all those 5.5 and 5.8 inch smartphones we like so much these days.   But the device is not gentile, it feels solid, sturdy and ready to withstand a blast of a Thor’s hammer. Ok, I’ll stop now since everything else I say is already a review, and it is too early for that.

The testing time is open and if you have questions about the device, or what should I test, please leave the question and wish in the comments below. I’ll try to answer to them all.


I’ll try to upload a video soon ?.