Nokia 9 cases from Terrapin Accessories available for purchase?!

I’ve been doing the finishing touches for the micro review of the Terrapin Accessories cases for Nokia 6 and 8, and saw that they introduced the cases for the Nokia 9, too. When I got the cases for the Nokia 8 on the packaging was written that those are suitable for both, Nokia 8 and 9. When I asked Terrapin about it they said that the first plan was for Nokia 9 to look just like Nokia 8, at least that were the design specifications they got. Later they told me that they will adjust the design of the Nokia 9 cases to the new specifications (dimensions and ports) once the device is official.

And now we have gel cases for the Nokia 9 that resembles to the casing that got leaked some time ago (picture above). You can see from the case photos that Nokia 9 will have curved display design. The same body lines are going to be present at the back also. We can see that the camera module is reserved just for the camera (maybe), and below is the fingerprint sensor. On the side of the camera cut out are two holes, one probably for the LED flash and on the left the hole for the back facing microphone (or IR sensor maybe). Another thing that we can see is the hole at the top which could be reserved for the 3.5 mm headphone jack, that is slowly getting removed from flagship devices. Or maybe that one is for the microphone… I can’t see well from the photos. It seems a bit small for the 3.5 mm jack, and the best position for the rear microphone is next to the camera…

Another case from shows the top cutout for a microphone, so we are still not sure what will happen with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Nokia 9.


Lately there have been a lot of Nokia 9 cases circulating around, with similar body design we saw from leaked pictures and sketches. Because of that, we could say that the launch of the best Nokia smartphone to date is right around the corner. The Slush event that is going to start in just 5 days seems like a great event to show the device. There is a 15-minute time period reserved for a product launch at the Founders stage (main stage), which could be for Nokia 9. OK, I’m just guessing right now, but this is good timeframe to launch a Snapdragon 835 top model, since next year will be definitely too late for that. HMD can’t afford the LG G6 scenario.

Oh, the price for the Gell case is £5.59. 

Source: Terrapin

  • It’ll be quite a stupid & ignorant decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.

    • Stinger

      Agreed. The headphone jack is so useful. It would be a shame if the most powerful Nokia didn’t have one.

      • Also, people who says wireless is more comfortable.
        Yes, it may seem comfortable but that doesn’t mean you remove the sort of necessity.

        Wireless headphones = remove headphone jack.
        Wireless Charging = remove USB Port.??

        Samsung, OnePlus & LG are keeping them.. must be some good reason.

  • Henrikas

    I wonder if it’s worth it for Nokia to release another device this year. Maybe wait for Snap 845 and release like in March? Otherwise it will just be Nokia 8 with different design. On the other hand.. They should definitely go for more extreme design if to be released in March as Samsung Galaxy S9 should have something more interesting too.

    • That would be great, but the whole first batch of Snap845 goes to Samsung, so it’s hard to expect a non-Samsung S845 device before May, 2018.

      • Henrikas

        Yeah.. its not perfect. On The other hand, i dont actually see the point of releasing another phone with S835. But well.. 5 and 6 have the same specs and both phones have buyers..

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I really have my hopes up for this phone.
    Including an AMOLED screen is absolutely necessary in this market, especially after the fact that OPPO and others are now going that route, as have all flagships from phone companies that matter (Samsung, apple, LG, etc).

    The 18:9 screen? I dunno. I’m rather indifferent to this … Not sure if it’s something that we should all be forced to accept (on flagships) or if we should have other options.

    Will it fit in the hand better? Sure
    But being narrow and taller, would essentially allow it to slip out of a pocket while sitting or moving around. Maybe I’m wrong.

    But from the pictures, I feel as though the phone will NOT have the new tall narrow 18:9 screens (which I think is a good thing that it doesn’t)

    As a flagship, I truly hope they incorporate things that will set this phone apart and give customizations and optimizations only found in a Nokia phone.

    Measurements of 148-153 by 72-75 would be pretty good in my opinion. Increase thickness to 8.4 mm if it enables a 3600-3880 mAh battery

    (If LG and OPPO and Huawei and Asus and others can put 4000+ mAh batteries in their phones, surely Nokia can as well!)

    3000 mAh battery was soooooooooo 2015 ish for a flagship phone … The LG volt from I think 2013 had a 3000 mAh battery.

    Note: this is a flagship, not a regular run of the mill, phone. It’s supposed to incorporate the best of the best in all aspects of design , technology, software, hardware, features, etc. A step above all else the Nokia and HMD companies have produced thus far.

  • (͡o‿O͡)

    Doesn’t matter if the processor is SD835 in 2018 as long as the price = performance/quality

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Please don’t take this the wrong way… I do not say this with animosity or anger. It’s just a statement.

      Perhaps for me and you, the readers of this site and about ten to fifty thousand people, it may not matter.

      Unfortunately, the tech sites, and the millions of others who want their “flagship phone” to be the best of the best, they will discredit this phone and buy another phone.

      That’s why Huawei and OPPO and Xiaomi sell out and sell into the millions. Millions! Not thousands… But millions! Tens of millions…

      They put in the fastest processors, the most cutting edge technology (available at the time) and constantly adapt. They are nimble and constantly modify and adjust their strategy.

      Nokia cannot afford to be seen and recognized as the phone manufacturer that puts last year’s technology into this year’s phone.

      True… The 835 is a powerhouse, but people in 2018 want the newest of the new.
      The masses want to brag about their flagship phone … The LG V30 vs the LG G6 should be the prime factor as to why the 821 vs 835 sold so poorly (and also because Samsung highjacked all the 835′ s)

      In about 6-8 weeks from 11/26/2017, Samsung will be unveiling the galaxy s9 (at the CES convention) and probably releasing it a month or two early (compared to usual).

      So again, 835 is cool for me and you, and a thousands of others, but Nokia needs to and has to sell in the tens of millions! And pooping in an older soc won’t cut it!

      Period! (I honestly hope someone with enough cranial capacity and foresight from Nokia reads these posts)

  • abhishek paithankar

    First let HMD release 7 in Hindustan, then wait for 9

    • Probably at MWC they will announce Nokia 7 for Bharat.

  • Scrumptious Centaur

    There are tons of Nokia 9 cases on aliexpress and they don’t have headphone jack cutouts.

    • I don’t like that. :/ Including BT headphones in the sales package could change some minds, though

      • Scrumptious Centaur

        A pair of usb-c headphones should be bundled with the phone in the very least.

      • BTs are nice. But when they run out of battery, you cry. IDK why Apple ditched that jack, just because it was hard to waterproof? Or because selling AirPods are another money machine?

        Go take a survey and ask people what they want – Waterproofing or a jack?

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