Nokia 7 not coming out of China anytime soon

I think that many of you would love to get a new Tesla model 3 by the end of the year, but that just isn’t possible. The same goes for the Nokia 7, brand new Nokia phone that HMD launched few weeks ago in China. At another event where HMD unveiled its cheapest Nokia device, the Nokia 2, Pekka Rantala, HMD’s CMO, told to the Indian Experss in an exclusive interview, that Nokia 7 won’t be hitting Indian market any time soon. It seems that Nokia 7 will stay a bit longer an exclusive for the Chinese market since that market didn’t get the Nokia 8. It seems logical since Nokia 7 has almost the similar features like the 8, that is already available in the Indian market. The only thing different is the price which is evidently lower for the 7.

Maybe HMD plans to push the Nokia 7 globally at MWC, or they are planning on bringing a bit renewed model for the global market like they did with the Nokia 6.

Anyway, keep saving for the 8, or go with the 6 and wait for the next generation of the Nokia smartphones. 🙂


Thanks Deep for the tip. 🙂