Nokia G42 5G parts available on iFixit

Nokia G42 5G is the latest addition to the G series of Nokia phones. This phone looks great on paper since the hardware specs are decent for the asking price. The original price was €249, but now you can find it for €229 (or even lower on the Nokia webshop).

One of the best things about the Nokia G42 is its repairability. The phone was designed to be easily disassembled, and some of its parts that are most likely to break can be easily replaced. Nokia Mobile has arranged an agreement with iFixit to make available a display, charging port, back cover, and battery in their web store. Furthermore, if you purchase an original Nokia battery for the G42, you’ll also receive an iFixit tool kit to make the replacement process easier. The same goes for the first repairable phone, G22.

The battery replacement kit costs €29.95, which is quite reasonable. According to Nokia, the battery can be replaced in as little as 5 minutes, saving you a fraction of what you might pay at a repair shop. However, the average user may take a bit longer, but it can still be an enjoyable way to tinker with your device. Additionally, this procedure does not void the warranty or the IP52 certificate.

The Nokia G42 display is the most expensive part, priced at €54.95. The kit alone may not be sufficient to replace the screen, as you’ll likely need a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. However, I could be mistaken. Typical disassembly videos do not usually show the removal of the screen, so some pull tabs might be used to secure it, as you’ll find pull tabs included in the kit. In any case, the screen is not yet available, so it’s advisable not to break it in the first few days after getting the G42.

The charging port is the most affordable part at €24.95, and it is in stock and ready to ship. The slightly higher price is justified by the inclusion of basic tools in the replacement kit.

You can also get the back cover, which is available in purple. It would be great to see iFixit offer more colors in its webshop in the future.