The Nokia 8.3 5G Was Misunderstood (Video)

Nokia 8.3
Nokia 8.3 5G’s Polar Night Back in a looker

First impressions are a very difficult mold to break sometimes, and a device like the Nokia 8.3 5G was probably a victim of lack of attention to the little details. Not just from us, but also from Nokia Mobile themselves that had a good product on their hands but failed to properly utilize its key selling points in a way that would translate to sales and help with public perception. In this video, I talk about the points that were underappreciated with the Nokia 8.3, and Nokia Mobile didn’t help themselves with it either.

Nokia Mobile is still trying hard to crack the U.S market, so when it was time to launch the 8V 5G UW (Dear God, that name), they had a much nicer presentation and video highlighting its key features. I can’t help but feel like the global 8.3 also deserved similar treatment. The delay of course played a huge part, and we don’t know if it was just to try and release the phone alongside the movie no time to die, or because of the implications of COVID19 on the global supply chain. Either way, many factors were going against the 8.3, but I hope the lackluster reception doesn’t stop Nokia Mobile from taking another shot at a segment which I personally really like, that bridges the gap between flagship and midrangers.

Are you a Nokia 8.3 owner? Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? What is your favorite feature, and what don’t you like about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.