Meet TARMO, HMD’s new trademark

SS Tarmo in the port of Kotka

HMD Global secured the trademark TARMO, for use in the mobile phone/technology market. HMD filed TARMO a year ago, or 15th September to be precise. In fact, the trademark was filed via BERGGREN OY legal firm, and was transferred to HMD yesterday (18th September).

We don’t know much about TARMO, apart from the industries/categories the trademark should be used in and they are:

  • Cell phones; Cases adapted for mobile phones; Cell phone covers; Mobile telephone batteries; Chargers for mobile phones; Software and applications for mobile devices; Tablet computers; Tablet covers; Software for tablet computers; Cases for tablet computers; Headsets; Wireless headphones.

  • Retail services in relation to mobile phones; Electronic commerce services, namely, providing information about products via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes.

  • Telephone and mobile telephone services; Mobile telephone communication services.

  • Design of mobile telephones; Rental of software; Computer software design.

Tarmo is in Finland a traditional male name, and Wikipedia also finds that Tarmo was a name of a Finnish vessel sunk by Soviets and an icebreaker built in 1907. Tarmo is also a synonym for “Energy” in the Finnish language.

As said, not much is known, apart the possible industries the trademark can be used in. It can be a name for a new phone lineup or accessories lineup or software or some tech service. Considering a historic icebreaker was named TARMO, and icebreaker is a ship, just like any flagship ship and flagship is the term used for top end smartphones. Maybe HMD’s next flagship will carry the TARMO name? Or maybe a sport accessory lineup, considering it could mean energy in Finnish?

Tell us what do you think TARMO represents or could be in the comment sections down below. 🙂

Source: EUIPO


  • Scrumptious Centaur

    What if HMD plans to use the Tarmo brand on phones once the Nokia license expires?

    • Don’t think Nokia’s board member (that sits in HMD’s board) will allow that. 🙂

      • Even more I feel like
        All the old patents and stuff moving to HMD

        Just thinking like after the 10 year period or even in between the licence time period Nokia will buy HMD & it’ll all be back under one roof & one name.

        • Thamsanqa Mc Leod Faniso

          I think it will be a new nokia smartphones naming scheme. More like ‘introducing the new Nokia TARMO 720.’ Just guessing.

  • Stinger

    Maybe it’s a new line geared towards the active and youthful. Might be used for the ex Withings brand?

    • Withings is under Nokia Technologies. This is (the trademark) directly owned by HMD.

  • Michael

    There is and has been a lot of research on how we interpret sound and how that applies to a great and appropriate product/company name. Here is just one article: A lot of thought went into the Lumia name for example.

    I don’t think Tarmo will have anything to do with mobile phone design/names. But, there is no getting around Tarmo meaning “energy”. It can also mean “pep”, “go”, “vigor”, “moxie”. As you guys mention, it’s a strong sounding masculine word. Maybe Stinger is on to something with it being used to name a sports wearable for active people or maybe a related app?

    • Stephen Elop said the Lumia name was decided in one meeting. Allegedly, he didn’t allow the meeting to end until a name was decided. But yeah, there are standards and guiding principles in choosing names. 🙂

      Agree that it could be sports accessories for phones, but not a wearable because then it will compete against Nokia products

      • Michael

        I was going off of my memory of the Interview or video of the head designer. Besides, dont know what one meeting really means. Could have been a couple teams working on it then they decided in one meeting. Certainly Elop was known to stretch the truth no? 😀

        • Yeah, Elop said that to show how inert Nokia was and that he insisted on agility in decision making. Don’t trust the guy much considering everything, you’re right 🙂

      • Michael

        Oh snap, that’s right though. This is HMD, Not Nokia (the company)… haha. No way it is for wearables.

        I’m at a loss then. 😀

  • Hemedans

    Also Tarmo is Boots made by former Nokia Rubber business Called Nokians. They are waterproof, frost proof etc

    • Stinger

      That’s very interesting.