Users report 3rd party apps installed on Nokia smartphones after factory reset

One of the positive sides of using Android One is that Nokia Mobile doesn’t include 3rd party apps, but all the essential stuff is handled by Google’s own apps for Contacts, Messages, Calendar etc. Two users of Nokia phones on the Community forum posted that after doing a factory reset, they were surprised to find three 3rd party apps installed on their device.

Two of the apps are progressive web apps (not native Android apps, but more like shortcuts to webpages), while the third app is a native Android app. The apps were placed on the second screen so users have to swipe to notice them. All three apps can be removed.

The apps in question are Dailyhunt, an Indian news site, Phonepay, a payment app in India, and Sharechat, a social media network, also for the Indian market. This “incident” is at the moment related only to the Indian market, and if any of our readers in India notice that some 3rd party apps are installed on their device after hard reset, do let us know. Also, if you’re from other parts of the world and notice the same thing, do leave a tip.

I’m not a fan of manufacturers including 3rd party apps on their devices. I understand when a vendor has a superior app for Calendar, Phone or Gallery and wants to include it alongside the mandatory Google apps (which is a problem in itself), but apps that aren’t really connected to Nokia Mobile and don’t really improve user experience shouldn’t be there.

What do you think? Is it ok to pre-load some market specific apps like social networks or pay services on devices? Tell us down below.

Thanks MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip. 🙂

Source: Nokia Community 1, 2