Apple Store no longer selling Nokia watches?!

iStyle is the official reseller of the Apple products that has stores in Croatia and neighboring countries. New one was opened in Split, Croatia, so I immediately went there to check Nokia Health products. The store was dominated by Apple products, but one part of the store was dedicated to the Nokia Health gadgets, where Nokia Thermo and Nokia Body scale were displayed. Even though Nokia Health products were available for quite some time in Split, this was my first live encounter with those gadgets.

Check out the gallery of Nokia Health gadgets displayed in the store. I shot them with the Nokia 3 but reduced the size and quality of the photos to save some server space.

Below the displayed Body and Thermo were Nokia Home, BMI+ and Body Cardio, but something was missing. I couldn’t find the Nokia Pop, Steel or Nokia Go wearables so I asked why. I already knew the answer and believe you could assume also that the appearance of the new Apple Watch 3 had to do something with it. Apparently, they removed all the products that are direct competition and could affect the sales.

To back up this info, I checked the official Apple Store site to check what Nokia products they are offering and couldn’t find Nokia watches also. Apple can sell whatever he wants in his stores or in the stores of official resellers, and this is logical move. But, I would love to see the Nokia’s reaction to this, especially if it violates the deal made between Apple and Nokia about returning the products back to Apple stores after short patent war that Nokia won.

Maybe Apple will bring Nokia watches back after the initial fuss about the Apple Watch 3 passes.