Nokia Body Cardio to lose its most famous feature

If you search the Nokia Health pages for all the measurements that their priciest scale, the Nokia Body Cardio can do, you won’t find the most impressive feature – Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurement. Nokia didn’t do much explaining but rather just said that on January 24, a new update will block that feature and you won’t be able to use it any more. Also, Nokia didn’t specify when or if this feature will be back. The problem lies in new regulatory approvals that are needed for Nokia if it want’s Body Cardio to be sold worldwide. PWV feature is, according to regulations, not suited for devices classed as wellness device, and Nokia didn’t say if they would get new approval.

Nokia stoped shipping the Cardio scale until the new model without PWV option inside arrives to the market. Current model with this option disabled by software update will be able to do the other measurements like heart rate measurements or precise weight measurements normally.

Buyers of the pricy Cardio were unhappy with this decision (who wouldn’t be), so they reached Nokia for an advice, and got offered 30€/$ refund or full refund if they don’t want to use Cardio any more.

Sales of Nokia Body Cardio won’t be so easy after this, since €70 cheaper Nokia Body + can offer you almost the same features. The only difference between Body + and Body Cardio is the ability of the Cardio to measure heart rate, rechargeable battery and more precise weight measurement.

This is why I like my Nokia Body. There just aren’t any options that need to be taken off if some regulatory approval changes. It just measures weight, and it’s doing it great :).

Source: Nokia Body Cardio FAQ