Now you can buy one or two year insurance for your Nokia phone in Europe

HMD has made possible to insure your Nokia smartphone during one or two years regarding of how long are you willing to use your phone. The insurance is powered by Allianz, and the insurance covers display breakage, liquid damage, handling errors, fire damage, short circuit and even third party damage (don’t need to party three times). This insurance is specifically made for Nokia phones that run Android.

So, let’s take me for example and I bought an insurance for the Nokia 6 in Croatia. That will cost me €27.95 and I do not need to sign any subscription, and have worldwide coverage for claim handling and toll-free customer support.


Here are the prices for all the phones that are currently being shipped by HMD

Nokia 8 – €59.95 (12 month)/€112.95 (24 months)

Nokia 6 – €27.95 (12 month)/€54.95 (24 months)

Nokia 5 –€24.95 (12 month)/€48.95 (24 months)

Nokia 3 – –€21.95 (12 month)/€42.95 (24 months).

The insurance for the Nokia 8 is more than twice the price of Nokia 6 insurance, which is in accordance with the price of the devices. But then again, the price for the screen repair for the Nokia 8 is even higher, so this could be a well-accepted service that HMD offered. The only bad thing is the current availability which is Europe. Hopefully, HMD willmake this service spread even further.