This Nokia Lumia concept is what we need

Nokia Mobile has abandoned making flagships, and that may be a wise decision considering that the competition is fierce and well-funded. However, sometimes I think Nokia Mobile has also abandoned another important aspect of Nokia devices: the unique design. I really miss the rich colors of the Lumia series and a digital artist @belyavcev shared on Twitter his vision of a modern Lumia phone through some interesting renders.

Here are the renders.

He took the Lumia 820 design and turned it into the Lumia 820 5G which looks cool, although I wasn’t a fan of this particular device. The main reason for that is its design :). However, looking at the renders and the video, I must say that modernized Lumia devices from 2012 could make a comeback in these unique bright colors.

In fact, Nokia Mobile doesn’t even need to make an expensive flagship killer device. This cheerful and colorful design is better suited for a G-series phone. I could easily imagine the G32 looking like this Lumia 820 5G that Ted shared on Twitter.

What do you think of it?


Thanks Ted for the tip 😉