Redesigned Nokia 110 4G (2023) quietly announced

Nokia Mobile announced quietly the redesigned version of the rather popular Nokia 110 4G. The phone got redesigned back in 2021, and now it is bringing a slightly changed body (case), protruded T9 keypad and buttons and a nicely designed back camera circle. I’m more than happy to see that feature phones are not receiving the rectangular camera module and are still keeping the good old circular module. Well, if it can be called a module.

Although I prefer the design of the 2021 model, the new one does look modern also. The features haven’t changed a lot but Nokia Mobile is now using the entry-level Unisoc T107 that supports 4G calls, and VoLTE HD too. There is BT 5.0 on board and a moderately large 1450 mAh battery.

The best thing about this phone is the availability of the charging cradle which has been introduced with the Nokia 2660 Flip. This is a convenient way to quickly charge the phone which is something you’ll be doing once or twice a week.

The price is yet to be revealed, but the phone should be available in purple and black colours sometime in May.

Source Suomimobiili