Beta version of Oreo being tested on Nokia 8

After all the benchmark tests that showed the Nokia 8 running Android 8 Oreo, here comes the first photo proof of that. Juho Sarvikas, the CPO of HMD posted a photo of a Nokia 8 getting the latest version of  Android 8, or Oreo. Juho got the beta version of the Oreo, and the update is pretty large, like the building where he stayed in Dubai. The beta version of Oreo has 1299 MB. Hopefully the OTA version will be smaller. Juho confirmed once again that all Nokia phones will get the Oreo update, but he didn’t mention when. It can’t be that long, now.



I must say that being the CPO of HMD is pretty dynamic. One day you are in London, the other day in Finland and third day you are updating your Nokia 8 in Dubai ?.