Nokia quietly announced Beacon Wi-Fi 6

Nokia we see today is a telecommunications and network equipment manufacturer. But last year, the company has once again tried its luck in the consumer market with the release of Beacon, its line of premium mesh Wi-Fi routers.

Nokia currently has two models of the Beacon available for purchase, the Beacon 1 and the Beacon 3 (which, by the way, we reviewed here last year). The Beacon 1 is more on the affordable side, while the Beacon 3 is the premium of the two. However, both still provides Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) for connectivity, which is an older version of Wi-Fi introduced in 2014, and something new is needed.

If you check the Nokia Wi-Fi page on Nokia’s official website right now, you will see a new additional model listed. This new model will be called Beacon 6, and its design is similar to Beacon 1.  No in-depth information are available right now on Nokia’s website, but the company has shared with us a few exciting information.

Nokia Beacon 6 is equipped with inhouse technology that provides Low Latency WiFi performance and this will guarantee end users seamless WiFi experiences. The new Beacon will feature the latest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for a 40% faster speed than any current Wi-Fi available. With such speed, the Beacon 6 will finally allow for fast high-resolution 8K video streaming, and will be able to cover a “huge house” in just 4 units. The website also mentioned a low-latency connectivity for the “best gaming performance”, as well as stronger connection even on the busiest area. All of these features seems to point out to the new Wi-Fi 6.

The commercial samples will be available for US market first, and the European version is expected in July or August this year. The price for one piece in the US market is set to $299 for the moment.