Symbian users should check out new app store – SiStore

If you are a die-hard Symbian user, or still using your beloved Symbian operated Nokia device, you know that quite an effort is needed to find a .sis file of some wanted app. Current Opera store is not so rich in apps, but there are some great substitute store, or better say .sis depositories.

For many years you were able to use AppList, but now there is a SiStore, a place where you can also find .sis files of many apps. You can even download a firmware for some devices, which is quite cool feature.

If you want to see the store go to its page at, or if you are impatient you can download directly the .sis file of the store on your device. Bare in mind that you can use this app store if you have s60v3 or s60v5. Also, be aware that you might encounter problems since some apps could be incompatible with your device. For any kind of question please wisit developerst of the store at their Facebook page.

Hope you will find everything you need there to keep your Symbian Nokia device running a bit more.


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