Video: Test of Nokia 5310 speakers and equalizer

After the unboxing video, Vy Vo Xuan tested those two speakers that the Nokia 5310 is bringing. As I expected, the speakers are tuned more for ringtones, with higher mid and high tones. The bass tones are there but are not so expressed as many would like. But, Nokia S30+ software does have an equalizer that can help bring the sound to the preferred shape even though the settings are predefined. It is hard to perceive the loudness of those speakers over a YouTube video, especially when we don’t know the quality of the microphone and its output file, but this doesn’t sound like 105 mobile phones playing music at once, as Nokia Mobile stated in the official datasheet.
The buttons seem to work fine, and when you fill the 5310 with music, it will serve as a nice mp3 player. Do check the video test below.

I am not a fan of people that are listening to music over loudspeakers, especially in public, but this phone might provoke that behavior with many youngsters :).