HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala leaves the company *UPDATED*

Pekka Rantala

In a press release to Finnish media, Finnish company ePassi, specialized in mobile payments, announced that Pekka Rantala will become its new Chief Operating Officer. Pekka Rantala is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones, while previously working at Rovio as the CEO and at old Nokia as the leader of the European business.

Mr. Rantala is still mentioned as the CMO on HMD’s official sites, where the position of the regional director for Europe is still missing. HMD has been “headless” in Europe for half a year now, with broken PR and communications. After the shake up afer MWC19, there were again changes a month ago. As we learned from market research companies, Europe represents or represented more than half of HMD’s initial sales and in this region HMD is declining rapidly, in part because of slow device arrival, higher prices, but also because of marketing and some would argue bad design decisions.

Hopefully the recent changes in the company will produce better results.


Update: After the article was posted, we learned from Axicom that Mr. Per Ekman, Global Head of Sales, is also the Head of Europe and MENA since January 2019.