#Nokia 9 (TA-1012) with 6GB RAM passed #FCC; 4GB version cancelled???

A Nokia-branded smartphone with the TA-1012 model number yesterday passed the FCC certification, or at least the model appeared in the database. FCC documentations reveal that HMD requested to transfer all test results and permits from the TA-1004 model to TA-1012, explaining that they plan to market the certified TA-1004 as TA-1012, but with no changes that affect the test results.

NPU recently published an info that HMD Global cancelled the 4GB RAM version of the upcoming Nokia flagship in favor of the versions with more RAM, and for a flagship, I agree with that. NPU said: “as we have been telling you via our sources that Nokia 9 will pack minimum 6GB RAM.”

As with the TA-1004, the TA-1004 model of Nokia 9 also visited Geekbench a few times revealing Android 7.1.1, Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM. Apart from 6GB RAM, we also stumbled upon a 8GB RAM version as well.

Alleged Nokia 9

Other rumored specifications of the Nokia 9, or however HMD will call it, include a 5.3-inch screen with 2K resolution, Dual-lens camera on the back with 2x13MP sensors and 64GB of internal memory, but all of this applies for the 4GB RAM version. If you are skeptical because of the relatively small screen size, I would like to point to you a Digitimes report from December that said that HMD ordered 5.3 and 5.7-inch 2K panels, and that report accurately got the specifications of the Nokia 6 and 5 announced almost 3 months later.

A phone passing different certification agencies and appearing multiple times on banchmarks suggest that the announcement and launch of that phone should happen in the near future. When? We will have to wait and see.

Source: FCC