#Nokia 9 (TA-1004) specs confirmed by #AnTuTu

The rumored Nokia 9 in the variant TA-1004 just passed AnTuTu’s benchmark, that revealed basic specifications of the device. The specifications are identical to the one Frandroid provided with the real-life pictures of TA-1004. Per AnTuTu, Nokia 9 (TA-1004) comes with Android 7.1.1, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540 graphics chip, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory, a display with 2560×1440 resolution and a 13MP+13MP dual lens camera on the back.

The Antutu test comes after Nokia 9 as “Unknow Heart” appeared near 100 times in Geekbench database, with Snapdragon 835, Android 7.1.1, and 4GB RAM. We also saw a “Unknown Heart” version with 8GB RAM in the Geekbench database.

Numerous benchmarks of the device could only suggest that HMD is testing the device internally on a larger scale, which means that we could see the Nokia-branded flagship this year. Let’s recap the specifications:

  • 5,27-inch screen (Frandroid), with 2K resolution
  • Snapdragon 835 and Adreno 540
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB internal memory
  • 8GB RAM version also exists
  • Dual lens camera with 13MP +13MP sensor sizes (probably black+color sensor)

My opinion about the specifications is that they are in line with 2017’s flagship standard, with the possible 8GB RAM version being the exception. Leaked pictures by Frandroid showed that the TA-1004 will have a “color”, “dual” and “mono” options in the camera, suggesting that one sensor will be a black & white one, with the other being a regular multi-color one, just like on Huawei’s flagships.

Some rumors said that the device will come with bigger sensors of 21MP, but I guess 13MP is fine if the photos are on a flagship level. Judging from Frandroid’s photos, the device will have a metal body and most certainly a very premium feel in the hands. The main thing we don’t know is the price, and if HMD could keep it about €500, this could be a great device in every aspect. But, let’s wait a little bit before drawing conclusions.

What do you think about TA-1004? 🙂

via: TheAndroidSoul.com

source: Weibo

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    What I personally think of it? My honest opinion?

    I expected so much more.
    Prior to any phone using the snapdragon 835, I mentioned on some web site that when Nokia comes out with their flagship, it will have a 13+13 camera setup. I realized this after reading the official release from Qualcomm. It was so obvious! But I was shot down by other readers. Yawn!

    °About the camera setup? Huawei like
    °About the camera design? Motorola like
    °About the design? Cross between the slow selling anonymous LG G6, and the ZTE Z17 and some random Honor phone.
    °About the battery? Most likely an unimpressive 3000-3350 mAh battery. (Yawn again)
    °About the user interface? The most basic smartphone running Android can have. No style, no flair, no differentiation.
    °About the screen? If it’s anything other than AMOLED, I hope it fails just like the LG G6. LCD is from 2013, and even then, the incredible 808 had an AMOLED screen.
    °About the bezels? Nokia will justify it as being that way in order to be durable, resilient and less susceptible to cracking. Yawn! Put a clear transparent polycarbonate film on top of the screen and beneath it.
    °About the charging? It’s going to be the run of the mill, quick charge 2.0 (3.0 will be shocking!)
    °About the size? For a phone with a screen less than 5.5, it’ll most likely be 2-4 mm too thick.
    °About the flash? It’s not xenon, it’s not triple LED, etc. It’s the same thing on a flagship from 2011 from Samsung or something.
    °About the price? It’ll be $50-$120 dollars too expensive. They don’t want to dilute the product by butchering their own value, so they’ll up the price unnecessarily, and wonder why it’s not selling in the tens of millions. (Optimistic?)
    °About the updates? Android O is an absolute necessity in all Android phones no matter what. The back door and loopholes of prior versions have been remedied to a small degree.
    °About the Nokia experience? Where are the optimizations and the great camera and the world class ergonomics and the advanced features and the cutting edge technology that is superior to all others, and so on!

    So let’s all yawn together and clap our hands for a phone that we already have from dozens of other phone manufacturers… Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, a screen, a battery, Android, USBC charging, some aluminum and some glass put together, a camera on the back, basic LED flash, non removal battery, and the list keeps going…

    Can anyone tell me, a die hard Nokia fan, and a shareholder, and a person that loves what Nokia stands for, what I am missing?

    What am I missing?

    I want to be shocked and amazed by this phone, I want to show it off to the world, I want to brag about it, (the way I did with my incredible 808), I want to look at it and okay with and not put it down!

    What am I missing?

    • Same here. 🙂 I remember the day Nokia 808 PureView was launched. It was around 8 pm in India and i was reading articles on phonearena as always and came across 808 PureView article. I was so excited that I just turned off my PC and headed straight to my friends.(we all meet at night always) I told them about the 41MP camera and they refused to believe me LOL. Then i had to show them the article. 41MP in 2012 was something no one ever thought of. LOL It was time of 8MP-12MP cameras 😛
      Later that year similar thing happened with Nokia Lumia 920. This time with OIS and when i told them about this, they told me it must be iOS running phone made by Nokia and not OIS. LOL. I had to explain them about the OIS tech at that time 😛
      Because of Nokia I was way ahead in tech knowledge related to mobile phones among my friends 😛
      The call me a Nokia Bhakt(Devotee) LOL 😛

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        My sentiments exactly!

        We, Nokia fans, are able to see past Nokia’s flaws and short comings and forgive them for the essential things they may leave out.
        But the general masses and the general public is a little bit more critical.
        The excitement of showing of a new feature and a new fun fact is great. It justifies a purchase. In cars, 0-60 times and performance or best MPG, in televisions, the screen size or resolution, at work, the more money is made, the more notoriety is view upon the person… Now, with Nokia, the same is expected. When your enthusiasm for a 41 MP camera was seen, it built interest and curiosity in the brand. Whether they new the model or not, they heard the name Nokia. It was a Nokia. Nokia had this thing that was unbelievable and unheard of. Regardless of what that thing was , it was Nokia that it was related to.

        In the public’s eye, these little things matter.

        So if the best most expensive flagship phone Nokia can make is a version of a Huawei or LG phone, then it’ll just get lost in the ocean of Android phones. It needs to be incredible! This is their first attempt and being average won’t stir up an emotional connection or juicy conversation…

        It will just be the same old same old. People will say, yeah, wonderful, next… We’ve already seen that before, etc…

        This is what I’m worried about. This is what bothers me about neglecting the ” wow ” factor.
        Sure, build quality and durability are top notch, but how about people that look for bragging rights?

    • Yes we need the things you told in “What am I missing?” 🙂 Shocked, Amazed and want to brag about the stuff where ever i go. Atleast in mid range i will be able to brag about the Nokia 6 build Quality though. 😛
      But when they will ask me about Processor, RAM and Storage i won’t be able to brag about it at all 🙁

    • If I may, I would give you my perspective of the mobile strategy and maybe it will interest you as a shareholder.
      Prior to announcing the Nokia 6 and explaining the idea and strategy behind devices, I was the opinion that HMD need an over-powered phone with a competitive price point and lot of differentiation factors to succeed. But now, I don’t think that way.
      If we look at Finnish Nokia, mobile phones will play a significant part in entering back the consumer space with Helth Gadgets or even a future less expensive VR camera. Nokia phones will be the best for using the Steel HR, Balance, Home and other, but the Steel HR, Balance and Home will work best with Nokia phones. I don’t mean just technology-wise work best, because every Android with same Bluetooth tech will work the same with Health gadgets, but more that they will complement each other with design and having the whole portfolio of gadgets from one company. If you take a look at how the phones (3, 5, 6) are designed and how other Nokia/Withing products look, you can see the same design principles, and a Steel HR will visually look very pleasing with a silver Nokia 6, and so on.
      I think that the most important part for Nokia consumer strategy is having the whole portfolio of devices, that have a good reputation with customers.
      For a Nokia-branded smartphone to sell well, I’m the opinion that HMD needs to offer a well built smartphone with near identical specifications and price point to competitors. Today, people will still choose Nokia over most brands in a lot of markets, probably not in the US, but in most of Europe, Asia, and Africa for sure.
      In 2017, HMD’s No.1 goal is to show people that their Nokia devices have the qualities Nokia was known for – durability, build quality and ease of use.This year they will make the foundation for future products, by scoring operator and retail contracts and gaining customer trust by offering amazing made phones in every price point. This week we run an article about Gizbot’s first thoughts about Nokia 3, and they said that the device feels “somewhat” Premium. Keep in mind that 3 will be the most sold device in the portfolio, with the lowest price and making such a good low-end device will attract a lot of customers who will be satisfied with their device and maybe decide to buy a Nokia Health gadget or a higher-end phone in 2 years, because they will trust HMD and Nokia. Also, HMD promised to offer software support for at least 2 years for every device, and they chose pure Android because only Google offers such Devices, and usually everyone praises the Google experience.
      In terms of the flagship, I expect much in fact. I understand that the low end devices are a little boring feature wise, but really have big hopes for the flagship. For a right price, the flagship doesn’t have to be out of this world, but have all the features competitors have and with amazing build quality, good software support, pure Android and a competitive price (3, 5, 6 are priced competitive) it could sell well and be a great device. 🙂
      That’s my perspective. A little longer comment, but it’s hard to explain my views on Nokia in few sentences. To sum up, I would say phones are a long term strategy and No. 1 priority will be customer trust, and they will do that by offering phones with better build quality, similar features for the same price point. I expect more innovative devices will come with the second generation in 2018, but who knows. I’m glad they are back.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Great response…
        But a flagship needs to have the wow factor. That is what sets it apart. If this was low end and midrange or upper midrange, I would not brother being so critical.

        This is meant to stir an emotional connection and make the consumer willing to dish out more than $50-100 for an Android phone. It’s the feeling of having a jewel like item in your possession, like iPhone users, while being extravagant (but not pretentious), like an S8.

        I want to say, I made the right decision by paying full price for a phone that has technology that is cutting edge and modern and unseen before. It’s a flagship after all. I don’t want to say or think I’m paying full price for a phone that has technology from 8 months ago, in which by that time either dozens of phone manufacturers would have the same thing at a lower price point, or they’ve already moved on to the next higher level chip, processor, etc.

        Look at the flagship phones from Sony, LG, Motorola, and HTC. Compare that to the sales numbers of one phone, the Galaxy S8. Flagship vs. flagship… The people who spend that kind of money want something premium and flashy. Otherwise a midrange phone from 2015 could do the same thing for just $50-100 bucks. (Makes calls, goes online, has Android, Google services, takes pictures, and so on)

        I want a flagship to be incredible, wonderful, stupendous, magnificent, creative, technologically advanced, amazing, cutting edge, and a pleasure to hold and play with and admire…
        It’s a flagship!

        Ultimately, I agree with many of your positions as to what a Nokia phone should be, now that they are making phones again. What I reluctantly agree with is that you’re right, and we all have to wait until 2018 for the next flagship device to be incredible wonderful stupendous magnificent creative technologically advanced phone we’ve all been waiting for…

        I don’t know, maybe I’m being hypercritical.

        • I generally agree with what you said about flagship needs to bring wooow sound from fans mouths and that in needs to differentiate from others. What we have now is just another high spec device, but we are all forgetting something here.

          HMD is bringing Nokia back and they are not in the same situation as other brands. I am not defending them, but I want to see Nokia name back in the smartphone business and they need to push something out.
          Nokia 9 will be different right now in many aspects, it will be manufactured to withstand a lot, it will have premium materials and clean Android with monthly updates. If HMD is smart they will use OZO audio and other visual algorithms to improve camera functionality. Regarding the design, we still didn’t see the device uncovered and we still don’t know if it will come with 5.27 inch screen or will it be bigger.

          Nokia as a company needs the full portfolio of the devices and HMD’s phones are so far so good.

          The only bad thing is they are already late.

        • Thanks. All you say about the flagship makes sense. A flagship is the best representative of a company’s mobile might, and needs to be the best device they can create at the moment. Time will tell if HMD will deliver.

  • Michael

    Well, I’ll take a stab.

    Regarding camera and flash. Look at flash first. Dual-LED. Explanation (I’m sure you know), here: https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Blog/Camera-Flashes-LED-Dual-LED-and-Xenon-Flash-Technology/ba-p/17025217. There are advantages to dual-led in a camera that’s got low-light capability.

    13MP sensor vs 21. First of all, it wasn’t all that long ago that FF cameras carried a lower MP count. Ya, 21MP gives you more information and in a bright setting that gives you more cropping options, but noone (or at least very very few) are going to be printing out large photos from the phone. For social-media posting, a 13MP photo can be cropped as much as anyone needs. For a same size sensor, Smaller MP = larger pixels = better low light capability.

    To me it is a balancing act that I’m sure the Nokia engineers looked at and determined they don’t need a fancy, battery eating Xenon flash. At all low-light times, if I can make the shot happen, I’ll shoot with without a flash. Low-light food shots will look much better in natural light AND you won’t be as annoying using a bright xenon flash.

    The spastic media that can decide which feature is best will be all over it though so hopefully Nokia got it right and the results speak for themselves.

    Also, there is a cost to everything and if they want to be a flagship, but slot in between the B – team (Huawei, LG, etc) and the A-team (Samsung, Apple) in price, they’ll need to make compromises. Not saying that is what they are thinking…just my opinion.

    Camera setup and design. I never knew this was an issue. I’ve been able to do everything I wanted with my last couple phones. I find my Huawei easier to work with than the Lumia 930. I don’t know…I guess as long as I can do what I want, I don’t care how I get there, but I’m not everyone.

    Design. Well, we don’t really know the exact design yet. Everyone is different. Some place a premium on the *look* while others place that premium on the *feel*. The obvious example of that is Samsung. Great looking to many, but, imo, incredibley cheap feeling. I”m floored that people like these phones. On the other hand, the iPhone feels like quality jewelry. The 9 will look good and feel great.

    Battery is a design vs budget vs performance choice. Lightweight Android won’t be big battery draw, dual led won’t be a big battery draw. There is a point where a phone is deemed to heavy. Nokia 9 will have a solid metal premium feel with a right-sized battery that doesn’t feel too heavy.

    Bezels…OK. Seems to be a bigger deal today. I’m guessing again it was a design vs budget vs performance decision. They will need to be premium but slot significantly under Samsung/Iphone prices, for now.

    I continue to be really happy with Nokia’s choice to choose a basically stock version of Android. Fast updates, efficient use of battery. Reviewers like it and by now people have their favorite launchers.

    I don’t know about price. We will see. They have made all the right choices to keep the device premium while leaving them the room to price well below Samsung and Apple.

    This is the first set of Nokia phones from HMD. Noone is expecting them to hit it out of the park. Nokia was always known for build quality and photo quality. That is what they need to get right. If they don’t, it’s going to be a bad time. I’m betting they get it right…..enough.

  • Michael

    What do I think? So far. I like it. I think they are making the right design, performance and technical choices to bring a premium device to market that *hopefully* significantly beats Apple and Samsung price points.

    Nokia has been known for build quality and photo quality. That’s what they need to get right. They will get beat up on camera specs from the media, but as long as the quality and low-light capability is there, it won’t matter. Personally, I’d much rather have a “lower” MP camera on my smartphone that is more capable at capturing low light shots without a flash. I crop very little of my pictures.

    Two types of people it seems. Those that like the “look” and those that like the “feel”. Samsung S7 and S8…people that like the look. Samsung has done a good job disguising the cheap feel with that curved display so users get a bit of “feel”. Apple buyers, on the other hand, love the premium, jewelry like feel. Seems that is the option that Nokia wants to give Android users….A phone that feels like an iPhone phone feels.

    • Nokia Lumia 920 had just 8.7 MP but the image quality was best at that time. 🙂 13MP is enough. Many people have now started understanding the MegaPixel Myth 😛 Even Samsung uses just 12MP 🙂
      But i would say: In future we need a successor to Nokia 808 PureView. It still has the largest Sensor till date. 🙂

  • marty farrell

    Great discussion. Thing is there is almost nothing differentiating these devices now. They can all have fancy cameras…who but a few care…they can all have lots of ram…who needs more than 3-4 now…until 5g. Fancy displays…ho hum…so on and so on.
    These devices are commodities. The ones that sell in the tens of millions, the top phones…fit in your hand…and are a pleasure to hold and as LoveNokia said to play with…they are tactile.

    Nokia has a magical opportunity to present a form variation that is so tactile, so pleasant to hold and also to look at…lights anyone ? …that Nokia is again worthy of the crown.

    The Nokias above the 6 should be jewels as LoveNokia said…”Rolex” phones in a sense.

    This is the future of the form. Give the market that and buyers move up to the small personal and companionable treasure they crave.

    The market is saturated…make a new one.