#Nokia 9 also coming with 8GB RAM, #Geekbench reveals

If you were afraid that HMD won’t offer their upcoming flagship we call Nokia 9 in a version with more RAM, don’t be, because we spotted a Geekbench entry that describes an “Unknown Heart” device with Snapdragon 835, Android 7.1.1, and not 6, but 8GB of RAM.

As we know from last week’s stories, HMD devices that undergo testing appear in Geekbench database with the codename: “Uknown Heart”. Last week we saw 3 “Unknown Heart” device with Snapdragon 630, 660 and 835 platforms, and a bunch of photos and specifications of the alleged Nokia 9.

A lot of our readers and Nokia fans were worried that HMD’s Nokia 9 with 4GB of RAM wouldn’t be competitive enough against strong Chinese players that focus on specifications. I personally have the same opinion, and if we take this Geekbench entry as legit, and they are enough proofs for that, we might see a Nokia-branded flagship with Snapdragon 835 and more than 4GB of RAM.

The recent Geehbench entry of the “Unknown Heart” device, that was made this morning, shows a device running Snapdragon 835 (we don’t see the motherboard, but Processor description and Processor ID are the same as on Snapdragon 835 devices) and 8GB of RAM. I guess, if HMD will really introduce an 8GB RAM variant of Nokia 9, then we could also see a 6GB RAM version, because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

A highly anticipated Android device, the OnePlus 5 that should be launched this year, is rumored to appear in an 8GB RAM and 265GB storage version alongside the regular 6/128GB one. So it should come as no surprise that HMD is testing devices with high memory options. Still, there is no guarantee that HMD will really launch the benchmarked device.

The strange thing about the benchmark is “Unknown Heart’s” results. The best result from 4 entries Nokia 9+, as we could call this version, scored only 769 points in single-core, and 1630 points in multi-core test of the Geekbench 3 benchmark. That could be explained with the device being in early development phase or without latest firmware. The Nokia 9 (TA with 4GB RAM has 5 times better results than this version.

All in all, as we are waiting for the officially announced trio of Nokia smartphones (3, 5, 6) to hit the market, Geekbench entertains us providing specifications of possible upcoming Nokia flagships. Of course, we also saw some pictures of the Nokia 9, which you can check out here.

Tell us down below, what do you think about a possible Nokia 9+ with more RAM? 🙂

Source: GeekBench 3