#Nokia 3310 (2017) to be available in #Croatia in early June

HMD has just announced that Croatian Nokia fans will be able to get a Nokia 3310 (2017) in the beginning of June. The price of the device is 459 kunas or €61.7, which is €12 more than announced targeted price for this model. This isn’t strange when we know that Croatia has one of the highest VAT in Europe, but I doubt that will keep fans from not buying it.

The company that was chosen for import and distribution of the phone is Agrammservis, and that’s good news since they provide customer services for many known brands, like Huawei, LG and others. It’s interesting and surprising that HMD didn’t pick a longtime Nokia partner Mobis Electronic for the job, but the most important thing is that the device will soon be available for purchase from most operators and retail partners.