Legendary Snake is available for everyone over at Facebook (Messenger app also)

Another thing HMD Global announced back at MWC 2017, besides the Nokia’s 6, 5, 3 and the Nokia 3310, was the return of the mega popular game Snake. The Snake was introduced in the year of 1997, and my first encounter with this game was on legendary Nokia model 6110. The game changed its appearance through the years and perished from mobile phones when more challenging games came along.

If you really love the Snake, you don’t need to wait for Nokia 3310 (2017) to finally arrive to the stores, you can easily grab your Android phone and launch Messenger app. On the bottom right you will see the console shape icon when pressed gives you the list of games, and among them Snake. It takes a few seconds for the game to be loaded, and you can start playing the revamped Snake. On my surprise, the sounds are similar (or the same) as those on the older versions of the game, while the snake changed a bit. It is not just a bunch of pixels as it used to be back in 1999, but it looks more like an eel then snake.

However, the Snake is here and available for everyone to play. Let’s go and eat some mice and fruits and avoid the walls.